About Us

Founder Stephanie Mitchell's journey began 25 years ago when she was awarded a full athletic basketball scholarship to Temple University, where she followed a family tradition of pharmacy studies.  
During Stephanie's early career, her older brother Steve, also a pharmacist, lost a long battle with cancer.  Steve was able to extend his life, improve the quality of his life and sooth some of the side-effects of his cancer with nutritional changes and compounded solutions. Stephanie was inspired! She became passionate about cancer prevention and discovered that many over the counter products available to her patients contained ingredients that can cause cancer.  
In her quest to find natural alternative solutions, Stephanie studied the properties and effectiveness of essential oils and began to experiment with different Remedies.
During the summer of 2006 Stephanie was unimpressed with the results of the available over the counter products for poison ivy and decided to develop her first formula for poison ivy rash.  With much success of that initial product, her customers began to ask for solutions to cure other aliments, including scars, nerve pain, eczema, acne and many other common problems that may not need a physician consultation.
This was the beginning of Stephanie’s Remedy line.
Soon thereafter her customers requested remedies for natural solutions to nourish dry skin, heal cracked cuticles, reduce fine lines and the slow the changes in aging skin. Stephanie's line grew. 
A natural prescription for health and beauty is Stephanie’s core philosophy and the foundation on which Inspired Apothecary has been built.  As a mother of two, a wife, and dedicated pharmacist, she is truly passionate about her mission to provide safe and effective product alternatives - for Skin care and Remedies.