Inspiring Athlete

Steve Copeland 


LOVE is the most powerful force on this earth. 

September 1, 1999 is the day I lost my brother to cancer

September 3, 2000 my first son was born

January 29, 2003 my second son was born

As a mother to 2 young boys, I wanted nothing but for them to live a long healthy and prosperous life, so they can reach the all-mighty plans of greatness that God has blessed them with.

Watching my hero, my brother battle the beast of cancer was by far the worst time of my life, because of the feeling of helplessness and the fear of not knowing what the next test results would revile which left me feeling powerless. 

My brother, Steve, was one of the greatest athletes with a relentless competitive nature that I have ever known.  My brother once finished a high school football game after his shoulder had to be put back in place.  He was so mentally tough that he was not focused on the intense pain that I'm sure the normal athlete would feel, he was focused on winning the game and had to get back on the field ASAP.  I'm sure he told the trainer, "I don't need my left arm to throw the ball, put me back in the game!" He went back in and they won!

Combined with his faith in God and his mindset of a fierce athlete is by far the only reason he outlived his prognosis by 8 & 1/2 years.

Who knows what causes cancer???

What I do know, is that I have been trained as a pharmacist and I know how to read labels and some of the ingredients on some products are known carcinogens.  There was no way I was putting those products on my children.

So, using my knowledge of compounding, I started whipping up some products that I had full control of the ingredients that I would use on my family.  I am a Momma bear and I am dedicated to helping my boys and their friends to help them put their best foot or face

Set backs, aches, pains, strains, pimples are all things that at one time will effect athletes.  I am a mom on a mission to help athletes get back in the game...with safe and effective products.

Get back in the Game and Go be Great, time to #getInspired ;)

My brother, Steve Copeland, is the original IAathlete;)